5 Signs You’re on a Fake Job interview

5 Signs You're On A Fake Job Interview - Rufus Burns

TLDR; Summary:  I interviewed with a small B2B events company in Chicago. I spoke with the business development lead for a 45 minute phone interview. Who then passed me on to the President and CEO of the company for a phone interview which lasted for 45 minutes. Who then passed me on to meet with *3 key* employees for an in office interview that lasted for 1 hour.Result:No offer, no follow-up, no nothing.

I have a background in Theatre, and there is a noble practice of announcing which roles are really available. “The role of Jim has been casted”.  We are only auditioning for “Tom, Dick and Harry”.

You have to be a special type of organization to waste someone’s time, energy, and money on job that is not really available to them.

Unfortunately, some organizations just don’t care, so here are 5 signs your time is being wasted on a fake job interview:

1. You have 3+ more interviews:

Unless you are interviewing for Google or NASA, it’s usually its a sign that they are trying hard  to make something look “legit”. Hell, Even google is starting to re-think their hiring process.

2. “We are like a close knit family”:

When you hear a statement like that and look around the office and see NO faces of color, they may be telling you what’s up, right to your face.

3. They setup interviews right after another:

It’s just plain cold, to line candidates up right after each other, so they have to do that awkward walk past other potential candidates. In theatre we call it a “cattle call”, because instead of feeling like a valued human being, you are shipped in and out like meat.

4. The Low-Self Esteem Lowball Offer: 

Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to take a paycut in order to make it work with an organization you’re interested in.  But, “would you do it for half that?” is a clear sign that it’s more about bottomline numbers than you, your values, or what you bring to the table.

5. The Infinite Pass Around: 

If after 3 interviews you hear, “we are going to pass you back to…” you can be all but sure they are having fun at your expense.  Especially if the person they are passing you back to, you’ve already spoken with for an hour on the phone. Soo, who’s making the decisions around here?

To bring this article to a more positive close: No, not every job that you don’t get is a scam, nor is everyone out to get you. It just helps to be aware of what your instincts are telling you. If something feels just a little bit off, it may be worth it to listen to your gut a little more next time.

If we continue to move forward with grace, love and Integrity, the perfect opportunities will eventually find us. Stay encouraged folks – Onwards and Upwards!