Art of Reflection

To Reflect [/rəˈflekt/]:  Think deeply or carefully about. With the start of a new decade [...]

What is Normal?

What is Normal? As the Global Pandemic continues to keep the world at stand still, [...]

Facing a Pandemic

What an incredible time to be alive. We are currently in the beginning stages of [...]


Gratitude & Patience

I’d like to take this time to be grateful. Thank you universe for everything that [...]

It’s easy to speak of peace in a rose garden

It’s easy to speak of peace in a rose garden . Working on the self [...]

5 Passive Income Ideas For Creative Entrepreneurs

Passive income is the life-blood for Creative Entrepreneurs . It’s dependable. Effortless. But, not at [...]

Moving Forward in Life

This time of the year, regardless if you’re into resolutions or not, bring forth reflection [...]


Personal Branding: Lifestyle Design and Why it’ll Matter 300 years from now

How Personal Branding and conscious lifestyle design can help you create a legacy that will [...]

5 Must-Have Online Tools for Content Creators

Creative Professionals are leveraging online tools, becoming household brands and impacting culture. Here are 5 [...]

BTS: On Set for BA18

Last week, I had the opportunity to work with a good friend and collaborator,  Morgan Cooper, on [...]

Human Evolution: Are Words Becoming Obsolete?

How the rise of emojis, bitmojis and other forms of visual shorthand could usher in [...]

Ru Talks 001: Authenticity Notes

In this talk I explore authenticity – what it means to me and how best [...]

5 Signs You’re on a Fake Job interview

TLDR; Summary:  I interviewed with a small B2B events company in Chicago. I spoke with the [...]

9 Reasons Why Every Creative Needs to Develop a Personal Brand

A couple of years ago, Inc. published an article stating that there are more than [...]

Terrible Love: PTSD and a Feature Length Improvised Drama

In an effort to hone and exercise my creative muscles, I’ve started an online character [...]

The First Step is Always the Hardest

Like the saying goes:  “The First Step is Always the Hardest”. This is outlet has [...]