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Art of Reflection

To Reflect [/rəˈflekt/]:  Think deeply or carefully about. With the start of a new decade [...]

What is Normal?

What is Normal? As the Global Pandemic continues to keep the world at stand still, [...]

Moving Forward in Life

This time of the year, regardless if you’re into resolutions or not, bring forth reflection [...]


Personal Branding: Lifestyle Design and Why it’ll Matter 300 years from now

How Personal Branding and conscious lifestyle design can help you create a legacy that will [...]

Human Evolution: Are Words Becoming Obsolete?

How the rise of emojis, bitmojis and other forms of visual shorthand could usher in [...]

Ru Talks 001: Authenticity Notes

In this talk I explore authenticity – what it means to me and how best [...]

9 Reasons Why Every Creative Needs to Develop a Personal Brand

A couple of years ago, Inc. published an article stating that there are more than [...]