Facing a Pandemic

What an incredible time to be alive.

We are currently in the beginning stages of a Global Pandemic. I can’t remember a time in my life that humanity has faced a collective problem. One that will require us to forget about boarders, give support to others, seek out news in other countries, re-examine capitalism, learn to spend more time inside, and so many other ripple effects.

We have also seen the very ugly side of human nature. Seeing people put their money over others lives, putting their need to party on the beach over the health and safety of others.  Honestly, I was guilty this myself just 2 weeks ago. I didn’t understand the severity of the issue, so my family and I sat in a crowded restaurant and kicked it.

From the dizzying amount of things changing, it has been hard to wrap my mind around all of it. This causes quite a bit of stress on the mind and body.

  • How might this benefit human evolution?
  • What purpose could this be serving for the evolution of my soul?
  • Who am I in regards to this global pandemic

I’ve noticed the days that I am feeling most grounded are those days where I am looking at things from a higher vantage point: the spiritual plane.

The universe moves / rotates / vibrates / and changes.  That seems to be the only constant in this universe – Change. One of the many reasons I love the midwest, is because of the seasons. Right when I am tired of Summer, here comes Fall, then Winter, and so on.

Maybe this is a season along Earth’s evolutionary path?

I do feel in my spirit that things will really shift from here on out, and that some ripple effects will be unknown for many years. This is what is making it very difficult to plan anything long term at the moment.

I’m going to take this time to focus on the philosophy and practice of Silence.